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St James Quarter

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Glasgow - World's Friendliest City

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Key Worker?

Key Worker ? Destiny Scotland Apartments Can be Your Home from Home Destiny Scotland are offering great rates at our Edinburgh and Glasgow properties for keyworkers requiring accommodation during lockdown. Why choose an apartment? All the mod cons. Apartments are furnished to a high level with all the amenities you could ask for, dishwasher, washing

Valentines Day

Valentines Day Love is in the air. I know – it’s not a very original opening line for a blog about Valentine’s Day, but given that Valentine’s Day is a time-honoured tradition, I felt like I could maybe use the traditional blog opener. Love it or loathe it – it’s nearly here so if you’ve

Calcutta Cup 2020

Calcutta Cup 2020 If you are one of our many international guests then I suppose there is a very, very, VERY slight chance that you don’t know, but certainly anyone who lives in the United Kingdom will be well aware that, when it comes to sports, there is a bit of a rivalry between Scotland

Burns Night

Who do you think is the most famous Scottish person? Billy Connolly? Sean Connery? Groundskeeper Willie? You could make a case for all three, but historically you could make a very strong case for the National Bard himself – Robert Burns.